Departure Eve
Wondertime has her papers in order, and most of her provisions stored. Tomorrow we will head 220 degrees true from San Jose Del Cabo towards not very much.
Mexico has been alternately a lovely and fascinating experience. The Sea of Cortez is full of marine mammals, Pelicans, flipping Manta Rays, and gringos. It is a warm flat accommodating sea; a stark contrast to the Pacific Northwest’s coast. I can see why so many west coast boats end up in La Paz.
The time sailing the Sea of Cortez has allowed me to get used to this new boat and crew in safer waters. The trip looms large in their lives but for me it remains just a long boat trip. Perhaps a few days out there will change that. If it does, and I can post via the SSB radio, I’ll let you know.
Either way it would be interesting to listen in to the streaming audio of the Pacific Seafarer’s Net at 0300 hours UTC. If you have an ssb radio, you can also listen in to the Puddle Jump Net at 0200 hours. There are several boats under way and more to come. Wish us luck!