Notes from the sea
We left on the 16th, but its until now that I feel like sitting in front of a laptop. I haven’t been sick, but I haven’t been well either.
The sea out here is an unbelievable blue. They tell you that, but you have to see it. Its a million shades, gemlike, changing, brilliant and cheerful. Even angry with clouds overhead it seems chipper. It seems to say, “don’t worry, I will always be this startlingly blue”.
We set out into a calm, but just off Cabo San Lucas it became a near gale with 35 knots of wind sustained and gusts of more. Wondertime’s smallest canvas was almost too much. It was the most wind I have ever been in. I had two thoughts in quick succession: “what the hell am I doing here?” and then “everything worth doing is hard, and this is certainly both”. That cheered me up and I smiled at the salt spray blowing from the wave tops.
Uneven seas have made the last few days a trial of sleeping and eating stuff like crackers, cup of noodle and apples. I’ve been sleeping a lot. But I am slowly adjusting, and the sights along the way keep my interest. Sunsets, sunrises, frigate birds, booby birds, and a big albatross that followed us today to add a little good luck.
Last night between my shift and Sara’s (4am) a school of dolphins joined the boat for 15 minutes or so, racing around on a moonless and cloudless night, playing with our bow wake, and visible only by the phosphorescent trails.
Today we are passing Clarion Island. “Land Ho!” But we wont stop for at least 3 more weeks. Land will be the most glorious thing by then. It already looks mighty inviting.