The city of roses
We’ve arrived in sunny Portland, Oregon. It sure brings back memories. We used to live here days ago. Portland was incorporated in 1851 and is the county seat of Multnomah County.  It is known for it’s donuts and it’s bicycles. Oh yeah, and beer. I sure am going to miss the beer.
We finished packing the boat last Sunday, and left for the Gilbert River to meet friends. The Gilbert River drains Sturgeon Lake on the north end of Sauvie Island. The whole area is flooded, and it made for some interesting rowing through oak forests. 
The next night we returned to the marina, and tied back up for the night.  So I suppose the great voyage probably began Tuesday, auspiciously in the rain and fog, headed for our home of the last decade. Plan globally, travel locally?  
Anyway, we feel like tourists, walking around on a Tuesday night, taking pictures in Pioneer Square. The world map arrangement in flowering plants was a nice touch and allowed us to get a feel for how big the world is, and how no one seems to give a damn about the Pacific. We had to walk out in traffic to find the Marquesas.
Its the Rose Festival, and so lots of people are visting town. The weather is always crap for the Rose Festival, but this year its been so bad the roses haven’t bloomed.  It makes leaving such a wonderful city easier.