The driver rolled down the window, and shouted in Arabic harshly, a chopped staccato, to the youths that lounged in the shade of the Acacia tree. They all pointed. One answered evenly, calmly. The driver turned to his passengers, and in English said: “There is the checkpoint. But it is better to avoid it.” He turned onto the divided 4 lane highway towards the checkpoint, easily visible in the distance. But then he went in reverse. For half a mile they went, the few cars going the correct direction seeming to go that much faster as the two vectors combined. When they had reached the turn around they stopped to make the turn. Then they saw a car with a cherry red paint job speeding at them, also moving against the flow of traffic. The car drove in front of them, crossed over, and then sped off, now going in the correct direction.
“He is rude. He did not even bother to go in reverse!”
Then they sped off in the same direction as the red car.