Hello Canada!
We pulled into the customs dock in the inner harbour of Victoria.  That’s right, harbour is spelled with a U, so there. The dock is tiny, and in terrible shape. Is this where we belong?  Two very nice customs officers came down to meet us and made us feel even stranger when they didn’t know the code to get onto the dock, or very much about boats. Do people visit this town?  It looks busy enough. They didn’t care about Haskell at all. "Does he have rabies?“ - "No” - “Well, ok then”.
We cleared customs without a hitch, they didn’t even want to see the booze. They were down there without us for a few minutes; but from how things looked when we got down, I think they just pet Haskell. We called for a slip and were directed to F dock. F dock is directly underneath the Empress Hotel and the Parliament building. Front row seats man. They cost $50 a night, but what a dazzling sight this town is.
We are trying to find the place with cheap beer in town, so far no luck.  You’ll be the first to know when we find it.